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Nots are everywhere. They are there where you are. Gota` a picture of a not we can put up for everyone to see? Use this form to submit it to me for publication. If you send alone an email I will tell you when it gets published.
I gotta have some kind of name to give you credit by... it could be just your first name if you like ... or even a nickname.
What do you have to submit? Tell us a story. Where did you get this picture? It is just funny or odd or what? You can add any special instructions about your post. If you add your email I will contact you when I publish your addition.
Browse for your picture to upload. You can use of these extensions gif, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, zip, rar, pdf, doc.
I am asking you to put in the code just so I won't get all spammed in my mailbox. I have made is a short code for you... Thanks in advance!!
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1Tuesday, 07 February 2017 06:02

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