French Quarter - Before the Water

In the old French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA The front door of the Farmer’s Market.
French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA
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Shoppers walking into the arch - the front door of
a Farmer’s Market on the corner. Notice the
man leaning on the Do Not Enter sign.

It sort `of looks like he is waiting for someone - no idea. Here is a back ally nearby.

The back of the Margaritaville bar.
Details of the Do Not Enter sign and the people under the awing.
In the upper left hand you can see the NO-Parking sign in front of this popular night club in the French Quarter; detail to the right.

A French Quarter street with overlooking balconies & overflowing plant baskets - notice the red arrow.

Somebody must
have missed this
No Parking sign.

These horse heads are hitching-posts for real horses.

Another No-Parking sign provided by
@ 2000 - 2011, Do Not Enter

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