Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy — August 16, 2018

Ok, here is my terms of service; we are interactive with our Customers; it’s a world wide audience we have and the principles of this company are well versed in the importance of being open to our clients. Before I get into the bullet list of stuff and of course adding what is commonly referred to on the internet document big data archive(s) as “Terms of Service and Privacy” — especially needed because I have to adhere to other Internet Service’s own “Terms of Service”, before that list — my rant:

"Yes, we use Cookies. In fact, all sites use a "kind" of cookie. An Internet Cookie is a small file about the size of a few sentences -- it's used to breach the "stateless" medium of HTTP requests. It's how the internet works. If anyone wants better security while surfing then don't bother at the Cookie level. It's secure and doesn't fill up with anything other than innocuous technical browser, website, server data. I see so many sites (in mid 2018) informing visitors that "dude, we use cookies and can't be blamed") -- sigh. Ok, on our side we don't' even handle financial data. You are a customer and we respect that; yet, as a visitor we make a connection and that connection is not deliberately shared by us. Where you go after you visit our site is not our business; nor, is where you were before you came to this site. If web surfers find themselves being followed as they surf different websites -- it's not the Cookies fault. Cookies are good. They provide a faster transfer of data and support the network protocols that connect us. "

Yep. We are a real company that has ownership of several domains, are in compliance with Mega huge companies (like google and facebook and amazon) requirements by their (very) own “terms of service”. We pass those on to the customer and visitors to our site by being respectful of all parties involved. Our content and logos and stuff are protected by copyright laws. And look, if you are outside the US, we are less concerned on how you use our content than building a “content exchange” relationship with your company. Inside the US, all laws are followed concerning ecommerce in the state of Texas. Secondly, if a third party finds protected works on our platform that are copyright infringements then contact us. We will rectify the issue.

Your data is protected online; it’s never downloaded; we never directly take banking details (like credit card numbers and info like that) from our customers. Your accounts are just with us — and NO, we don’t share your data. Any cases of abuse and / or spamming other users online or things like that will result in a disabling of your account.